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A recipe is a set of instructions for accomplishing or achieving something. A method or system to attain a desired end: a recipe for success. Participating in Entrepreneurship is a system of interactive learning recipes designed to foster entrepreneurial thinking, new business startups, operating systems development, and business growth.

To enhance the effectiveness of the PIEā„¢ Program, you must first perceive the knowledge and training as necessary for your entrepreneurial development and small business success. Secondly, you must make a commitment to thoroughly
completing all 12 Recipes (Interactive Learning Modules) and fully engaging yourself in the learning process. Upon
completing Recipes (I-IV), participants will have completed a Personal life Plan (PLP) for entrepreneurial development. The remaining Recipes V-XII will provide the basic tools needed to build your business. The outcome of recipes V-XII is a written Preliminary Business Plan (PBP).

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