How Does PIE Work?

The PIE outcomes-based, interactive curriculum is designed to develop in individuals the personal and professional skills necessary for functioning effectively as a small business owner.

PIE is Making Entrepreneurship Training Effective
The PIE curriculum contains 12 Recipes. Each “Recipe” — learning module — is designed to enhance the learning and teaching of entrepreneurship. The Recipes facilitate analytical competence and the application of knowledge pertinent to small business success.

It is not only the student with predetermined small business ownership goals, but all students who can benefit from entrepreneurship education. An employee who has respect, appreciation and an understanding of entrepreneurship is more likely to be an asset to a company. Today’s business owners are looking for employees who can improve the bottom line efficiently and cost effectively. PIE is a life-long learning program that develops in students’ traits such as initiative, optimism, resourcefulness, risk taking, foresight, leadership skills, versatility, self-determination and a respect and appreciation for the value of dedication and hard work.

PIE Sessions are designed for offline and online entrepreneurship education. Each student will receive individualized attention throughout the course. Students complete their PIE recipes in consultation with a Course Leader. Click the button to view the powerpoint presentation.

Online Class

12 Recipes For Small Business Success

Your positive action
combined with entrepreneurial thinking
results in success.

12 PIE recipes carefully designed FOR ENTREPRENEURS

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