PIE Chapter Application

Eligibility Criteria
Schools selected for the PIE program must meet the following criteria:

  • Public or private high school
  • Be interested in starting a PIE Chapter
  • Identify teacher(s)/program facilitator(s)
  • Have a minimum of 15 – 20 students that meet the requirements

Selection Process
The Center for Entrepreneurial Development personnel will review all eligible applications and make selections based on the school’s expressed interest, written plan, willingness to fully engage the student in the PIE learning / teaching process, and the completion of the application procedures and startup requirements.

Application Procedure
Schools are required to fill out the application form listed below. For additional information, please contact us. There is a non-refundable processing fee of $75.00.

Name of School:
Zip code:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Is Your School Public or Private:
What is the total student population of the school?
What percentage of students qualifies for free or reduced lunch?
Does the school support Entrepreneurial/Enterprise Education in Your School?
Teachers currently involved in Entrepreneurial/Enterprise Education in Your School:
Teachers Name Name of Organization or Cause Years of Service
Do you have a business partner(s) / sponsors(s)?
Name of Company Phone Number Contact Name
Briefly discuss why Entrepreneurship Education is Necessary:
I certify that the school named above will be able to participate fully in the program.