How To Start a PIE Chapter

STEP I: Complete Chapter Application and Submit to PIE™ Corporate Office

Application Procedure:

  • The Completed Application should be returned within ten (10) working days along with a $75.00 non-refundable processing fee.
  • After corporate office has reviewed the application, you will receive your letter of acceptance and licensing agreement within ten (10) days.

STEP II: Receive Letter of Acceptance and Licensing Agreement

Licensing Agreement Procedure:

  • Upon receipt of acceptance letter, please sign and notarize the licensing agreement.
  • The licensing agreement, along with the licensing fee of $8,300.00 should be payed online at
  • Licensing agreements and fees are due 30 days prior to the training workshop.

STEP III: PIE™ Chapter Development Training

Training Process:

  • The staff of the new PIE™ Chapter is required to attend a training workshop; there are four training cycles per year.
  • The training will be provided for two representatives of the new chapter, additional trainees will pay a fee of $125.00
  • The training will include the startup of the PIE™ Chapter and the Network Business Center (NBC).

STEP IV: Program Implementation

Final Phase:

  • After attending the training session the new PIE™ Chapter will receive on-going support to maintain its PIE™ Chapter..
  • The PIE™ Chapter National Office will provide ongoing support and resources to the new PIE Chapter.