About PIE™

The development of the small business economy in America’s urban communities begins with entrepreneurship education, an education that will foster the spirit of free enterprise. PIE™ is creating men and women who are bold and imaginative self-starters, seizing opportunities and providing the jobs that help to ensure that our Nation will remain economically strong and free. It is especially gratifying that in recent years greater numbers of young Americans are preparing for careers as business owners. Their innovative entrepreneurial spirit has brought a new excitement to the campus and the marketplace. All Americans can take hope from their optimism, their creativity and their impressive achievements.

PIE™ is committed to fostering the spirit of free enterprise and business ownership, and providing excellence in entrepreneurship education.

PIE™ provides innovative outcome-based entrepreneurial training for aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and for educators who are interested in improving their entrepreneurial teaching skills. Our entrepreneurship courses are designed to foster business planning skills and entrepreneurial competencies necessary to function effectively and successfully as a small business owner. The student who understands how to start, own and operate a business will experience greater success in the workplace. PIE™ is turning today’s dreamers into tomorrow’s successful small business owners.