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Advance Your Career through Entrepreneurship Education

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Step 1: Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile

The entrepreneurial mindset is vital to navigating the ever changing economic climate. Take the EMP.

Step 2 : Business Needs Assessment

Taking step 2, the BNA will help you to identify where are you NOW, and where you want to be in the FUTURE. The next step to consider, is HOW will you get there?

Step 3 :
Participating In Entrepreneurship (PIE) App

Learning and participating In entrepreneurship is only one click away. Download the PIE App today and start the process.


For A Better Future; Learn How to Start, Manage and Grow A business

Our approach to entrepreneurship education is interdisciplinary & experiential. “Everyone benefits from learning how to start, manage and grow a business”. Our vision and mission is built on this premise. 

Our Vision
Our Mission
Historical Black Colleges & Universities


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In total, the nation’s HBCUs generate over $14.8 billion in economic impact annually; that’s equivalent to a ranking in the top 200 on the Fortune 500 list of America’s largest corporations. 


The nation’s HBUCs generate 135,000 jobs in total for their local and regional economics – equivalent to the jobs provide by Oracle, the nation’s 48th largest private employers.  

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HBCUs play a major role in economic success of their graduates by enhancing their education, training and leadership. An HBCU graduate working fulltime throughout his or her working life can expect to earn $927,000 in additional income due to a college education. An entrepreneurial mindset increases the economic impact. 

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The Smarter Way to Learn Entrepreneurship

The interest in Participating In Entrepreneurship (PIE) is growing among high school and college students throughout the United States. The PIE Academy Strategic Collaborative is leveraging the collective power of the U.S. Black Chamber Of Commerce, National Business League, USASBE, Major Corporations, Economic and Workforce Development Agencies to bring entrepreneurship education to high schools and HBCUs across America. Learn more about this innovative approach to teaching and learning entrepreneurship. Take a look at the research that will provide answers to the following question: “Why Support Entrepreneurship Education at HBCUs? 

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